About Rachel Bachman

Rachel Bachman is an acoustic indie folk artist who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The release of her third album “I’m All I’ves” represents a leap forward for the songwriter whose soaring voice and quirky introspective lyrics read like a sophisticated commentary on the modern problems of being human. On this record, Bachman laughs, belts, croons, pleads and ponders an unwieldy array of lost loves, stray cats, failed aspirations, Greek gods, 19th century serial killers and the question of death itself. 

Bachman graduated from Cornerstone University in Michigan with a Bachelor's degree in vocal performance and recording. Since then she’s become a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion and recently adding the ukulele to her performances. 2017 saw her live show expand to include a full band of talented players and her largest number of performances to date. 

In 2018, following the release of “I’m All I’ves,” Bachman would like to tour the US to spread her unique blend of emotional imagery, personal narrative and beautiful idiosyncratic songwriting to an entirely new audience.