Album - I'm All I'ves


Featured Album - I'm All I'ves


I'm All I'ves is a labor of love seven years I  the making. Can you say it's about time? Though it was recorded almost exclusively at Sunroom Studios (a little room in Rachel's two-bedroom Tulsa apartment), it received a breath of life at Auggy Reed studios, where many hours were spent mixing, mastering,  and adding a few auxiliary tracks here and there.  Thanks to Mike Gilliland and Conor Robb for all their beautiful work.

But these guys... they are the magic-makers. Let's brag on them for a moment. Tom Stevens, who put up with countless hours writing, practicing, and tracking those fantastic bass lines. Rebekah Bachman, who is the best co-writer and backup singer this girl could ask for. Ashlee Elmore, who can play the cajon like a freaking drum kit. Adrienne Gilley, because if you need perfect bgv's from the heavens, this girl is the BEST. Hector Ultreras, who makes the blues come to life with a little harmonica playing. Mike Gilliland, who can play a lead guitar line that makes your song feel like it's from the 60's. Nicholas Foster... what?  Who knew a shaker could even sound that good?

Thanks for listening! Hope you like it as much as we do!